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Address:GD Foshan Sanshui Leping Town Sanshui Center Keji Industrial park
Foshan Shiyi Technology Co., Ltd. is the main grinding sandpaper, sand volume, sand tray, belt, and research for the integrated grinding abrasives manufacturer. The total investment of $ 10 million, covers an area of ​​about 58,000 square meters, is China's production of high-grade abrasives, coated abrasives, one of the representatives. Our self-developed brands sandpaper products, mainly for high-end musical instrument industry, grinding and polishing sandpaper to break the monopoly of foreign brands such as musical instruments piano domestic market barriers. Solar Single (multi) crystalline silicon cutting special research matte - matte green silicon carbide research produced by Japan's JIS standard, and its excellent quality by the majority of users at home.
Otter Love blue milk volume P600-1000
World Research Volume P600-1000 Blue milk
NEO blue milk volume P600-1000
M Page P400-P3000 Blue Milk
Green silicon carbide (GC) JIS800 # -4000 #
Otter Love kraft paper roll P600-1000
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